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  28th April - Get ready for your Holidays 


We offer an amazing range of sunglasses for men and women no matter your prescription so you can look stunning in the sun . 

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 27th August - Witham Beer Festival

Witham Beer Festival is back again this year, and we are delighted to be sponsoring a barrel named Hunters Gold. Come along and try our Beer. ( This one will need 2 pictures if possible – beer festival and beer festival logo hunters gold)

Witham Beer Festival 

 9th July 2015 - Winning Carnival Competition

We are delighted that we won 1st place in the Witham carnival fashion through the ages competition. We even made it in the paper with the Mayor.

Winning Carnival Competition 

 3rd July 2015 - Window Competition

Witham Carnival is running another window competition this year with the theme ‘Fashion through the ages’. Here is a picture of our competition entry!

Carnival Window Display 

 1st April 2015 - Our Easter winner is...

Thank you to everyone who liked our Facebook page, the winner is Becky Mahoney.

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