kids glassesChildren and Eye Care  

Eye examinations for children under the age of sixteen are funded by the NHS, along with students up until the age of 18. Young children who may not be able to read can still have an eye examination as there are various letter and picture tests available that can give an accurate assessment of their vision.

It is highly recommended that all children have a full eye examination before they start school.

If there is a family history of visual impairment, or you notice your child has a squint or suspect that their vision is not developing normally, an eye examination is recommended as soon as possible.

Spectacles for children  

If your child needs to wear spectacles, we have a wide range of frames available to ensure the frames fit well as this is very important. Our experienced staff are able to advise on the best choices for your child.

Children aged 16 and under and those aged 17 and 18 and in full time education are entitled to an NHS voucher towards the cost of any eyewear they require.


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